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Preview: Purdue vs. Iowa - November 10th - Noon - BTN

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Would anyone be upset if they put this game on BTDN and put the Bucknell-Purdue basketball game on BTN?  I didn't think so.  They'd never do that, however, since I'm pretty sure nobody wants to spend another dime watching this team with these coaches (let alone $9.95!).

Since the game IS on BTN, however, let's support our players (especially the seniors) and see if we can pull out a win against an Iowa team that's not much better than us.

Not sure which team is flying the plane, but the fact that it's about to crash is a pretty accurate description of this game.

Why Purdue wins
Purdue's best two games of the year have been road games, so there's a chance.  Plus, Iowa just lost to Indiana last week.  I know many of you feel Indiana is much better than Purdue right now, but they're still Indiana.  Now that the season has gone completely down the crapper, I expect Purdue to play loose with a "WTF, let's just have some fun" attitude and I'd be surprised if Gary Nord doesn't open up the playbook and go for broke.  What do they have to lose?...

Why Iowa wins 
...Well, they could still lose a trip to a bowl game.  And for as much as most fans could care less about traveling to a bowl game to watch this team (based on current fan support), it still means a lot to the players and coaches.  I mean, if Purdue wins this game, there is a decent likelihood that they play a NEW YEARS DAY bowl game in Dallas!  And that's why Iowa wins.  Any game with at least a glimmer of something important has brought out the worst in Purdue.  We're still a week away from the "Don't Give A Crap" Nord and Hope combo, which will surely doom the Boilers in Iowa City.  I do feel good about the Illinois game though.

Player we're most concerned about since their stock photo may break our TV
Alright, enough ranting.  Let's get to everyone's favorite segment!

Steve Bigach (#54) is a starter on Iowa's defensive line and has been all-Big Ten academic for two straight years.  I'd have to imagine that's not very hard to do when you pick your number based on your age.  Bigach's official profile says he's only 22 and was born in the 90's, yet he has a striking resemblance to my father-in-law.  I like my father-in-law, and I'm sure this guy's a nice guy too, but if this guy's 22, I sure hope he has the same thing that Benjamin Button had going for him.

And it's sort of tough to tell in this stock photo, but I believe freshman DB Anthony Gair is beginning to sport some mutton chops.  I don't believe he gets any playing time, but watch out for number 12 on the sidelines, then shield your eyes and switch the channel!

Picks of the week
My faith in Purdue last week has put me in a tough spot.  This week we'll be betting the cost of the last piece of sports equipment we purchased.  Iowa is favored by 5.

Kirk's Bet
Straight from the horse's mouth:

"The last sporting equipment I purchased was this summer at a garage sale.  Here's the total haul, all from the same place.  Unfortunately, it's not much money, because I'm the king of finding deals at garage sales:
1. A brand new, mac powersphere 9 wood - $2 (ed. note: WHY???????)
2. A barely used sand wedge (which resulted in an amazing birdie chip-in from 20 yards out at a golf outing this summer, only because I left my PW at a previous hole) - $1
3. Three cans of unopened tennis balls - $3"

That'll be a total of $6 and your man card.  No self-respecting non-senior male plays with a 9-wood.

Kirk continues his betting against Purdue covering the rest of the season  Iowa 17 - Purdue 10

Erik's Bet

My bet is less fun than Kirk's.

Callaway was running an amazing special on their amazing Hex Black Tour golf balls, and I ended up with a dozen of them for $27. For those that don't think golf balls matter, I dare you to try these out.  Then you'll be hooked and end up spending way more on golf than you ever wanted.  Can you tell which one of us is the more serious golfer?  (By the way, we're not getting compensated for any links, so don't feel obligated to buy a $39 used mac powersphere 9 wood just to support the site.  If you do want to support us, leave a comment saying hi - your love is more important than any money.  Then click on one of our banner ads so you can support the first annual contributor golf outing.  I have a feeling I know who's going to win.)

Purdue will keep this close, covering the spread, but Iowa dashes Purdue's bowl hopes with a late touchdown.  Iowa 24 - Purdue 20

Three Final Things
1. This article is titled, "Hawkeyes to Honor Vets, Play Veteran Purdue."  Somehow, that doesn't seem right.  Also, Purdue is 0-1 on Military Appreciation Days.  Purdue is 1-0 on Band Days. So next year I fully expect flyovers to be replaced with more games where the North End Zone is filled with random colors.  The team has spoken.

2. Iowa's surprise RB Mark Weisman has been battling injuries and is doubtful for the game.  Expect Damon Bullock to continue filling in for him even though he only averaged 3.3 yards on 25 carries against a poor Indiana rush defense last week.  When looking at this Hawkeye team, I have no idea how they win any games as they have very few weapons.  And yet, it's the Purdue team that supposedly had a ton of weapons heading into this year that doesn't have any wins.

3. Boiler Up!

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  1. That sure is a big ach. I love the mutton chops though. For $2 that 9-wood is awesome and comes in handy for my one or two rounds of golf each summer. When you drive as poorly as I do, you need it!