Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Ten Football Power Rankings - Week 10

Blah, blah, blah.  Big Ten teams win, Big Ten teams lose, Purdue sucks, laugh at OSU for being good but ineligible.  The conference is going to get destroyed in their bowl games this season.

On to the rankings, where the top five remain the same and the division races are at least interesting:

Rah, Rah - Blah, Blah
1.   Ohio State (10-0, 6-0 conference) [Last week's rank: 1

OSU destroyed Illinois at home, which is like saying you were able to get out of bed in the morning and not piss yourself on the way to the bathroom.  Good job Buckeyes, enjoy your bye week.

2.   Nebraska (7-2, 4-1) [Last week's rank: 2]

Nebraska overcame three interceptions by Taylor Martinez to come from behind and beat Michigan State in East Lansing.  It should be noted that Martinez, despite his inconsistency, scored all the team's points from his passing or rushing.  He seems to have a knack for these come from behind victories.  The Children of the Corn host Penn State this weekend in what should be a really entertaining game.

3.   Penn State (6-3, 4-1) [Last week's rank: 3

Crushing Purdue, all the cool kids are doing it.  This has been quite the nice season for the Nittany Lions.  I'm happy for the players, since they did nothing wrong, but I really wish the fans didn't have anything to cheer for.  Fortunately their post-season ban just makes the victories pretty anticlimactic.

4.   Michigan (6-3, 4-1) [Last week's rank: 4]

Michigan put a hurting on Minnesota, and they did so without Denard Robinson who was nursing a sore right elbow.  It's still unknown if he'll play against Northwestern, but converted receiver Devin Gardner looked pretty solid leading the offense against the Gophers, which was quite surprising.

5.   Northwestern (7-2, 3-2) [Last week's rank: 5]

The Wildcats had a week off to prepare for an absolutely huge game at Michigan this weekend.  It's a must win if they want a shot at Indy.  If you're taking notes, that's the 2nd and 3rd-ranked teams and the 4th and 5th-ranked teams playing each other this weekend.  Finally some intrigue!

6.   Wisconsin (6-3, 3-2) [Last week's rank: 7

The Badgers had the week to relax and game plan for their battle with the Hoosiers this weekend.  If they win, they'll represent the Leaders division in the title game in Indianapolis, regardless of the outcome of the final two games of the season (which will be tough ones against Penn State and Ohio State).  If they lose, the door is still open for Indiana to sneak in, but sadly not Purdue.

7.   Michigan State (5-5, 2-4) [Last week's rank: 6]

Sparty enters their bye week after losing in a close hard-fought battle at home against Nebraska.  MSU pissed away their lead in the fourth quarter, something they've done three times recently.  They just can't win the close ones.  Andrew Maxwell was 9 for 27, which is horrible.  Maybe he thought he was wearing gold and black?

8.  Indiana (4-5, 2-3) [Last week's rank: 10]  

The Hoosiers won a close game at home against a floundering Iowa team.  I'l; give IU credit - they're improving, and it's pretty interesting that they could finish anywhere from not even close to making a bowl game, to playing for the conference crown in Indianapolis.

9.   Iowa (4-5, 2-3) [Last week's rank: 9]     

The Hawkeyes shamefully lost to Indiana in a close game where neither team could run the ball, and the Hoosiers out passed Vandenberg.  Iowa fans must feel a lot like Purdue fans (though not quite as bad), but since they play the Boilers this Saturday, you know they'll right the ship and get a win they desperately need to try to get bowl eligible.

10.  Minnesota (5-4, 1-4) [Last week's rank: 8]   

I really thought Minnesota had figured out how to win and were improving after freshman quarterback Philip Nelson's performance against Purdue.  But I was wrong. Purdue's just that horrible that they make bad teams look good.  The Gophers were stomped at home by a Michigan team playing without Denard Robinson.  Ouch.  At least they should pick up a win at Illinois this weekend to ease the pain.

11.  Purdue (3-6, 0-5) [Last week's rank: 11

Absolutely horrible game against Penn State

12.  Illinois (2-7, 0-5) [Last week's rank: 12]

The Illini were crushed by Ohio State, but they still get to play Purdue this year at home, so they have a shot at earning a Big Ten win!  Thanks again Illinois for being so bad that the Boilers aren't ranked last, but that could easily change by the end of the season.

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