Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preview: Purdue vs. Illinois - November 17th - 3:30pm - BTN

With two games left to play, Purdue heads to Illinois on Saturday to face the dreadful Illini.  A loss to Illinois would be devastating: not only would it rule out a bowl game, but Purdue would officially take over the title as worst team in the conference.  Illinois is simply a bad team, and there is no excuse to lose to them.

Why Purdue wins
Didn't you just read that above?  Illinois is horrible with both an inept offense and defense.  Purdue has more talent (although that hasn't resulted in many wins this year), and *shudder* maybe even better coaches right now.  The players apparently love Hope, and a lose this week would let him down in the worst way possible as he'd likely be fired immediately (instead of getting fired after the Bucket game, win or lose).

Why Illinois wins 
I only see two ways Illinois can win this game:
1. Gary Nord returns to the sidelines and proceeds to bring back the offensive suck that was missing last week against Iowa
2. Purdue turns the ball over and makes stupid mistakes.  If the Illini can force some picks or fumbles to give their offense great field position, maybe they have a shot.

Player we're most concerned about since their stock photo may break our TV

Purdue may be in for trouble, because the Illini have Bain...Robbie Bain.

Also, can we just bask in the glory that is DeJazz Woods.  I want to meet that guy's parents.

Picks of the week
Since Erik and I are both home owners who like the challenge of fixing something, this week we're betting the cost-savings of a recent do-it-yourself repair.  Purdue is favored by 6

Kirk's Bet
My biggest DIY activity to date was finishing my basement, but since a cost-savings of $15,000+ really isn't appropriate for this situation, I'll tone it down.  A bit ago my hot water heater started leaking and I thought it would be a fun time to learn about plumbing and gas lines.  After a few mistakes (fortunately with the plumbing, not the gas), I had it all figured out and was able to save at least $200 (Lowe's charges more than that for the install, but I definitely took a good part of a day to do it all, and my time's valuable, too!)

Earlier this season I committed to betting against Purdue with the spread for the remainder of the season.  So I was very disappointed to see the Boilers only favored by six points, since I don't think there's much of a chance of Illinois making the game that close.  But I'll stay faithful to my promise, even if it means losing to Erik.  Purdue 24 - Illinois 20

Erik's Bet (in his own words, which I'm sure he's pleased I'm reprinting here)

My last do-it-yourself repair involved fixing the electricity to the two outlets in the garage.  After trying every fuse in the basement, I figured something was wrong since we still didn't have electricity in the garage.  Fast-forward to a few days later.  With an electrician scheduled to come over the next day for what I’m sure was at least a $100 call, I was taking a whiz in the bathroom that shares a wall with the garage.  During this whiz, I noticed an electrical socket in the bathroom that had one of those reset buttons on it.  Realizing that this could be the answer and REALLY excited, I forgot what I was doing and ran over to hit the reset button mid-stream.  Sure enough, this was it – the garage sockets worked!!!  I don’t think I've been more excited since – although I did have to quickly clean up the mess in the bathroom before I told my wife.  It saved $99 ($100 for the call minus $1 for the Lysol and paper towels).

Erik's not expecting the Boiler offense to have any trouble: Purdue 48 - Illinois 28

Three Final Things

1. Yes, this is the worst game-preview yet.  It's really just a glorified boast about home repair.  If Purdue doesn't bring home the cannon, I'm going to probably break something.

2. I'm late to watch the Alabama - Oregon State game before the Boilers take on Villanova, so that's why I'm cutting this short.  I couldn't be more excited to see Purdue at Madison Square Garden.

3. Boiler Up!

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