Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's get this train rollin'

We here at have been in meetings for nearly 2 years to determine the perfect time to start our new blog.  At the time, there were only a couple of reputable Purdue blogs out there, and we figured we could add some perspective as alumni who watch every single second of every single football and men's basketball game (except for that damn wedding where a distant relative thought it would be fun to tell me the score of the taped Purdue/Oregon game). 

Over those 2 years, we saw some of the most exciting and aggravating games, and through it all, Kirk and I sent over 100 emails to each other ranting, celebrating, and coming up with statistics to prove to each other why we should still be optimistic about this current team.  Don't ask why we didn't just post those here.  That would have been a lot easier.  We also saw approximately 78 new Purdue blogs pop up over that time.

So, the market's saturated, a basketball era just ended, and we've got 5 months until football season - might as well start this sucker up! 

We're not here to replace any blog that's currently out there - we're here to provide you with an extra post or two per week for you to read on your Kindle Fire when you run out of Purdue stuff to read while taking a dump.  We'll be entertaining, we'll be humorous, and we'll use actual statistics to prove our points!

We already have some great ideas lined up for the summer, so stay tuned for the premiere of!


  1. I make no promises about using statistics to prove my points. I do, however, promise to use statistics to look smart and/or disprove the points of people I dislike.

  2. Do you guys have a contact email?

  3. We actually don't for some unknown reason. But we'll pretty much do whatever our readers ask us to do (plus it's a good idea), so I'm in the process of setting one up as we speak! Should have one within 48 hours, so I'll post it in the comments section here and on the sidebar to the right when it's ready.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. In the meantime could you shoot me your contact info. Have an interesting idea for you.


  4. Replied back to email but was came back undelivered.

  5. Well that's embarrassing! Let's try

    I just tested it out and it looks like it works. Sorry about that!