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Preview: Purdue vs. Wisconsin - October 13th - Noon - BTN

What's with all the downer attitudes?  Yeah, we got crushed by Michigan.   But honestly, if you took a step back, did you really think we were going to beat them?  If so, what made you think that?

Was it the fact they barely lost to Notre Dame even though their quarterback played the worst game of his career?  We lost to Notre Dame too, but we played pretty well.

Did you think that the bye week Michigan was coming off would help Purdue's chances because the Wolverines had an extra week to cry, causing their hands to chap from wiping away all their tears? The extra week just made them more hungry.

Sure, the Boilers played like crap.  But they're not going to play like crap in every game, and I'd much rather they lay an egg when they play a team that:
  1. Is not in Purdue's division.
  2. Probably was supposed to win anyway.
  3. Played lights out and would've probably beaten all but the top 5 teams in the country that day.
GET OVER IT ALREADY!  THIS upcoming game is the game that matters.  THIS is the game that everyone should be going crazy after a win or on the ledge after a loss.  THIS game is the one that very likely will decide who goes to Indianapolis in December.  And for those who say you don't want to back into a one-game playoff for the Rose Bowl?  What is wrong with you??? It's the Rose Bowl!!!

And for the 4 people reading this because everyone else has given up on the season, get yourself out to Ross-Ade this Saturday.  It's going to be 76 degrees and partly sunny!  Seriously!  Seeing empty seats in the stadium will be sickening.

This is apparently the Badger Boiler Service truck.  Shown for obvious reasons.

Why Purdue wins
Purdue has not all the sudden become the worst team in the FBS because they lost to Michigan.  If the Boilers can limit mistakes, they are arguably a better team than Wisconsin.  Purdue struggled last week against the top pass defense in the Big Ten, but the Badgers are giving up 80 yards more per game through the air, which should allow TerBush and Marve to open it up for the Akeems in the backfield.  This is also not the same Badger team that destroyed Purdue 62-17 last year and brings to mind hand offs to the tight end that went for 30 yards on seemingly every play.  For the first time in what seems like 50 years, Wisconsin does not have an offensive line that dominates the line of scrimmage.  This has rendered Montee Ball just ordinary, and without a Russell Wilson-esque quarterback in Joel Stave, Purdue should be able to control the defensive end.  TerBush and Marve can nibble all day with short 5 yard passes, and if they can avoid turnovers, they'll win

Why Wisconsin wins 
Wisconsin's wins have been VERY mediocre.  In fact, they nearly lost to Northern Iowa, Utah State, and UTEP all at home.  I wouldn't call that schedule murderer's row by any means.  Wisconsin's two losses have been on the road, but have actually been much more impressive performances.  The Badgers went into a tough atmosphere at a better-than-advertised Oregon State and fell 10-7, and they nearly knocked off Nebraska in Lincoln, losing 30-27.  They've also played much better since the return of perhaps the top receiver in the conference, Jared Abbrederis.   Sure, they haven't won on the road, but they sure seem to play better away from Camp Randall.  In both games, they were one opponent's mistake away from winning.  Purdue should be counted on for several mistakes a game, and that could be enough to give Wisconsin their first road win. 

Player we're most concerned about since their stock photo may break our TV

#1 A.J. Jordan is a red-shirt freshman WR that's received playing time in 3 of Wisconsin's first 6 games, so we definitely don't want him doing any damage against Purdue.  But he may do more damage to our TV sets with the dreadlock mullet he's sporting in his stock photo.  If there's ever been a more "business up front party in the back" haircut, I'd like to see it.  Actually check that, I never want to see anything like this again.

There's also a red-shirting guy on the sideline named Hugs Etienne.  Please don't ever let J Leman find out about this guy.

Picks of the week
Purdue is favored by 2 (apparently only the bookies agree with my opening rant). This week, Kirk and I will be betting the ticket value of the next concert we're attending.

Kirk's Bet
Kirk will be seeing Trampled by Turtles at the Vogue in Indianapolis next Friday.  If you haven't heard of them, they're sort of an indie, country rock, and bluegrass band.  Tickets are on sale for $20 according to their website, but Kirk told me they were $25.  Either he got screwed, or he's trying to include the ticket fees because he's really far behind me and he's really confident in his pick.  I feel sorry for his negative winnings, so I'll let him bet his $25.

Kirk is done putting his faith in this team "until they prove they deserve it".  I think Kirk should really read my opening remarks. Wisconsin 28 - Purdue 21

Erik's Bet
I'll be seeing Silversun Pickups, Cloud Nothings, and Atlas Genius at the House of Blues in Cleveland next Sunday.  This is a really high-powered lineup with a good headliner and two great up-and-coming bands.  Tickets are on sale for $30 plus $9 in service charges.  Since I hate service charges, I'm only betting my $30 ticket price.

Ralph Bolden remarkably makes his season debut in the second quarter to a standing ovation.  While he doesn't make much of a difference on the field, the buzz around the stadium ignites Purdue to play even more inspired ball and lead for most of the game.  The Boilermakers give up a touchdown late to tie the game, but drive down the field behind a hobbled Robert Marve.  It's going to be Wisconsin's 5th game decided by less than 5 points, but unlike the Utah State game, Paul Griggs makes the game-winning field goal and Purdue becomes the favorite to head to Indianapolis. Purdue 27 - Wisconsin 24

Three Final Things
1. We're four weeks away from Purdue basketball's season opener against a very good Bucknell team that won their conference last year.  Bucknell returns their top 4 scorers, meaning the young Boilers will have their hands full from day one.  If headed to the game this weekend, make sure to check out the new wave of Baby Boilers by heading to Mackey Arena for The Tip-off Before the Kickoff on Friday night at 8:00 pm.  In other basketball news, Wisconsin's Mike Bruesewitz is out 4-6 weeks after having surgery on his right leg for a laceration.  That must have been one nasty cut.

2. According to the Purdue website:
Fans with tickets in sections 101-105 and 116-124 have been asked to wear gold, while fans with seats in sections 106-115 and 125-134 have been requested to don black attire for the showdown with the Badgers.
I like to think of myself as pretty "in the loop".  However, this was the first I heard about it and it was buried in the "Tip-Off" article I linked above.  No email.  No big banner on the front page of their website.  No discussion on the message boards.  Perhaps it's being advertised locally, but they're not doing a very good job advertising to out-of-town alumni who might be going to the Homecoming game.  Typical Purdue promotions department.  You know, now that it's going to be 76 degrees, they could actually hand out t-shirts to all fans!  We all know that's not going to happen though.

Actually, may now the most prominent place this information is featured on the internet.  So, send everyone the link to this page and if the stadium looks awesome on Saturday, it'll be because of your friends at  If not, it's the Purdue promotion department's fault.

3. Boiler Up!

This will look great from BTN's blimp.

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