Sunday, January 20, 2013

Basketball Recap: Purdue 79 - West Virginia 52

What an impressive showing by the Boilers!  It was so impressive that, for most of the country, CBS decided to leave the game in the last 10 minutes to show a more exciting one.  I had two reactions to this.  First, it really pissed me off, since I was watching on delay and couldn't pick up the live stream online.  But then I realized, Purdue just played a big game on national tv, and it was such a blowout with ten minutes to go that West Virginia had absolutely zero chance of coming back. Awesome!  So here's what I saw in the first 30 minutes...

- Matt Humphrey got only his second start of the season for the Mountaineers after being a starter for both Oregon and Boston College over the last four years.   He hit a 3-pointer early on but got into foul trouble and wasn't much of a factor.  Perhaps one of the reasons he isn't starting much is that his on-court mannerisms are a little...peculiar.  3-minutes into the game, Humphrey played an entire 25-second offensive possession with his jersey IN HIS MOUTH.  He even got the ball and took a couple dribbles with a jersey that looked like a turtleneck.  They never showed a closeup of it, so here's a really blurry zoomed-in picture to prove it to you.  What a weird dude.


- Davis looked really solid out there and seems to be the calmest player on the team.  In fact, I think that in a crunch-time situation, I'd rather have Rapheal Davis taking a game-tying three than any other player, including DJ Byrd.  Byrd has been excellent recently and was awesome against West Virginia.  However, DJ gets a little excited sometimes and on big shots he can get a little too amped up.  The Boilers will have another game come down to the wire, yet I highly doubt Painter will draw up a play for the freshman.  It's too bad, because I'm really excited to see Davis develop and become someone who can hit the dagger.

- This Boilers seemed like they played the perfect game, yet they turned the ball over 16 times, gave up 15 offensive rebounds, and shot 62% from the free throw line.  This team is A LOT of fun to watch when their playing like they did on Saturday.  And amazingly, there's still room to play even better.

It was a fun win that has the entire fanbase buzzing about this team's potential.  Still, the NCAA tourney is a long ways off.  If the Boilers are going to make a run for it, they're going to need some signature victories.  I think a good start would be a road victory over a top 5 team. We don't have any of those coming up, do we? 

Boiler Up!!

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