Friday, September 13, 2013

Football Preview: Purdue vs. Notre Dame - September 14 - 8:00 - ABC

The bright (temporary) lights will be shining on Ross-Ade Saturday where a national audience is going to see first hand what Purdue is all about.  It's tough to imagine the players could get anymore pumped than this game...a night game at home versus your biggest rival on national tv.  The crowd should be rocking at gametime, but the biggest question is...will they still be there in the third quarter?
Yes,  Notre Dame sucks, but please be creative and don't make any embarrassing signs like this one
Why Purdue wins
We here at hate Notre Dame.  Kirk gave us an excellent rant in last year's preview, so if you're looking for somewhere to remember all the reasons you hate Notre Dame too, feel free to head to that link.  In the meantime, this Purdue team has to be a completely different squad from the first two games to even compete with the Irish.  In order to win, here's what has to happen:
  1. Score the first two touchdowns and force Notre Dame into a passing game.
  2. Get major pressure on Tommy Rees, allowing the cornerbacks to cheat and potentially force turnovers.
  3. Hope that the lights short out at halftime resulting in a 14-13 "complete game" win.
Hey, it could happen!

Why Notre Dame wins 
Expect Amir Carlisle to run all over the Boilermakers.  Carlisle hasn’t had a ton of yards in Notre Dame’s first two games, yet he’s been efficient, averaging over 5 yards a carry. Purdue looked decent against Indiana State’s second string back last week, but gave up over 200 yards in their prior loss to Cincinnati.  The Boilers can’t expect to load the box either, as Tommy Rees has turned into a very efficient quarterback and should be able to pick apart Purdue’s secondary.  Even a good Purdue team would have a tough time with the Irish.  So far, that’s the first time “good” and “Purdue” have been mentioned in the same sentence all season.   
Player we're most concerned about since their stock photo may break our TV
Saturday may not be pretty on the field, but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the play.  As always, Notre Dame has its share of hideous players, so let me introduce you to defensive lineman Tony Springmann. 

Tony Springmann

This guy (#69 of course) has it all and appears to be trying for every possible look you can have that’s related to Notre Dame.  Jesus-hair? Check. Irish-red hair? Check. Leprechaun-esque beard? Check.  If he shows up on my tv and it doesn’t break on its own, I may have to physically tear it off the wall.

Picks of the week
Notre Dame is favored by 21.  This week, we’re going to bet the number of wins that our favorite baseball team currently has.

Kirk's Bet
Kirk is already down by a ton as he has been going against his mantra of “never pick the Boilers” at the end of last year and bet the first two games of the year for Purdue.  He’s decided to turn the tables and bet against Purdue which is the best news yet for the Boilermaker faithful.  Kirk is notoriously awful at picking games, so hey, there’s a chance!

Kirk’s favorite baseball team is the Cubs, who suck nearly as bad as Kirk’s picks.  Expect him to lose 61, their current number of wins.

Notre Dame 28 – Purdue 3

Erik's Bet
I know this preview didn’t give us a lot of hope, but I trust Coach Hazell.  Coach seems like a motivator and these guys will be fired up.  I still think it won’t be enough, but I’m going against all signs and think Purdue will hang around enough to give the Irish a scare. 

My favorite baseball team is the Indians, who currently have 77 wins and are right in the middle of the wild card chase.  I just bought my playoff tickets today, which means they’re pretty much destined to lose out.

Notre Dame 27 - Purdue 20

Three Final Things

1. Unbelievably, Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit are announcing this one.  Girls, if it’s a blowout like many people think, keep an eye out for the camera.  Brent is known for his infatuation with girls that are fans of Notre Dame’s opponents when he has nothing else to talk about and you might just get on tv!

2. Gabe Holmes is injured.  Yes, the only non-running back with more than 2 catches against Indiana State is out against a team who made it to the national championship game last year.  Uh-oh.  

3. Boiler Up!

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  1. Best picture ever! That guy was spawned in a South Bend laboratory. Oh, whoops, I meant lavatory. That makes more sense really.