Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Basketball Preview: Purdue vs. Eastern Illinois (Wednesday, 7:00 pm, BTDN)

I know I'm supposed to do two previews in one, but due to a crazy schedule I only have time for one.  Check back later in the week for my Siena preview.  

Kirk provided everyone with two awesome FREE links to the BTDN game last week in the comments section around game time.  Unfortunately, neither of us are available around game time, so you're going to have to find them yourself.  If you do happen to find them, we take no responsibility to the quality of the feeds - they DID work last week though and have typically worked in years past.  If you do happen to miss the live feed, the game will be replayed on BTN on Friday at 2:30 pm.  Set your DVR's or skip class/work (those aren't that important anyway).  Enjoy! 

Is that a veil?

Quick, give me the quick details on why Purdue will beat these guys:
The Panthers hung with Northwestern for awhile and destroyed Kelsey Barlow's Illinois-Chicago team (who was decent last year) on the road, so don't expect Eastern Illinois to just lay down for the Boilermakers.  EIU is the first team the Boilers face that can match their height - they have a pair of Piotrowskis (both 6'11" or taller) that can make life difficult inside (although Mat doesn't get a whole lot of playing time).  Expect the Boilers to use defense and perimeter shooting to try and bury the Panthers.

Eastern Illinois has already gained a reputation for being a very streaky offensive team.  A cold spell will make this game look a lot like the CCSU game.  If they get hot, expect a third nail biter in four games and for it to come down to free throws as a result of excessive hand checking (which I already ranted about in last week's recap).

Our picks:
We finally have a line on a Purdue game!  Purdue - 15.5

Erik: Purdue 78 - EIU 71

Kirk: Purdue 80 - EIU 65

Boiler Up!

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