Sunday, February 10, 2013

Purdue vs. Michigan St. Recap - Wife Edition

Purdue's 75-62 loss to Michigan State seemed very familiar - so much so that I (Erik) was worried this recap would bore our loyal readers with the same old complaints about the same old things.  Being at Mackey this weekend, my wife watched her first full game of the year and offered to give her thoughts on the game instead.  What the hell...why not?  These are her own thoughts and any resemblance to actual analysis is purely coincidental...

This weekend was our annual trip to Purdue to catch a Boilermaker basketball game. We had gone to West Lafayette a few months ago for a football game against Wisconsin. After that very rainy, miserable game, where, ironically, the Boilers got hung out to dry, I was certain this sporting experience would be better… well, at least the game was indoors.

I’m going to keep this much briefer than my husband or his friend typically would (I can sense your sigh of relief already) and just focus on a few of the main impressions/thoughts that I had during my 2 hours in Mackey. Now, keep in mind, I know very little about sports and my passion for them or the Boilermakers isn’t anywhere near this blog’s normal writers, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

1) The ball handling in this game was unbelievable. At times, I could have sworn Erik had taken me to a Harlem Globetrotters game, as the ball was rolling around on the floor, out of people’s hands, off their feet, everywhere but the rim.

2) Players, meet free throws. Free throws, meet players. This is not a new concept- you two should be more than familiar already. I only played on the “B Team” in high school (we played during half-time instead of during the main game. Yes, I was THAT good), and even I know that free throws are the one way you can take back control and get back in the game. If you aren’t playing well and you blow these, you don’t win. Hence, what we witnessed.

3) I had a thought- wouldn’t it be great if the referees had their own coach during the games? That way, if they are doing a crappy job, someone can pull them together and remind them of what they should be doing or sub in new refs, if they can’t handle the responsibility… just a thought.

4) D.J. Byrd, what is happening!?! As the only starting senior, I’m counting on you to make this game worth my time. I watch basketball for two reasons, 1- I find the players cute (sorry, there’s just not anyone for me this year) or 2- The game is full of great shots and is competitive. I left feeling disappointed on both accounts and I worry this Byrd is becoming fowl.

5) I did see one great player on the court this Saturday. Unfortunately, it was only for about 5 minutes when he gave his thank you speech and we watched his jersey hang in the air. Robbie, I miss you for both of the reasons mentioned above in number 4. Know that I’m writing a strongly worded letter to the Cavs to see if they will draft you. I have promised to buy season tickets and will keep my fingers crossed.  [ed. note - I've suggested to my wife that she also write a strongly worded letter to the NBA to change the rules so players can get drafted more than once.]

The game was so bad that even Purdue Pete got hammered afterwards.
Oh well, I guess we’ll wait and see what next year brings. Due to my university’s Division 3 status [ed. note - Slippery Rock is actually Division 2], I have adopted the Boilermakers as my college team, so I will continue to support them and hope for the best. Boiler Up!

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