Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings - Conference Season #6

Power rankings?  Could you care less right now?  I just want a conference win at this point.  Let's get this over with quickly.

On to the rankings, where I keep the literary trend going with relevant books by some of my favorite authors that you should read.

1.   Michigan State (21-4, 10-2) [Last week's rank: 3]

Crushed Purdue and Michigan
That Hideous Strength

2.   Indiana (22-3, 10-2) [Last week's rank: 2]

Won big at Ohio State and beat Nebraska
Something Wicked This Way Comes

3.   Ohio State (18-6, 8-4) [Last week's rank: 4]

Lost to Indiana, beat Northwestern
Smoke and Mirrors

4.   Michigan (21-4, 8-4) [Last week's rank: 1] 

Lost at Wisconsin and were destroyed at Michigan State
Things Fall Apart

5.   Wisconsin (17-8, 8-4) [Last week's rank: 5]

Beat Michigan but lost at Minnesota
White Noise

6.   Illinois (18-8, 5-7) [Last week's rank: 7]

Won at Minnesota and crushed Purdue
A Clockwork Orange

7.   Minnesota (18-7, 6-6) [Last week's rank: 6]

Lost to Illinois, beat Wisconsin (for their first win against a good team in over a month)
The Sound and the Fury 

8.   Iowa (16-9, 5-7) [Last week's rank: 10]

Beat Northwestern and narrowly edged Penn State
Road Dogs

9.   Northwestern (13-12, 4-8) [Last week's rank: 8]

Lost at Iowa and Ohio State
Children of the Mind

10.  Purdue (12-13, 5-7) [Last week's rank: 9]

Pitiful against MSU and at Illinois
Now Wait for Last Year

11.  Nebraska (12-13, 3-9) [Last week's rank: 11]

Beat Penn State and lost at IU
Lamb to the Slaughter

12.  Penn State (8-16, 0-12) [Last week's rank: 12]

Lost at Nebraska and to Iowa
Call for the Dead

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