Friday, June 15, 2012

Hammer Down, Boiler...Installed?

The other day I had the unique pleasure of touring a house under construction. Why is this worthy of a post at  Well, this house is being constructed for an individual currently associated with Purdue Athletics.  Obviously to protect the person's privacy, I'm not saying who or where the house is located, but I still find it quite interesting.

The home is definitely large, but not as massive as the owner could surely afford.  It's one sprawling story with a full walkout basement.  I think my house could fit inside it at least four times.

Other features I noticed in the framing:
  • three-car attached garage and two-car detached garage.  Maybe this individual has a few toys that need the room.
  • space for an elevator...for a two story house?  The owner is definitely able to climb stairs, so not sure why you install an elevator.  Maybe it's for an extended family member, or to make it easier for an injured player to get to the basement to watch something on the big screen in your...
  • theater room that looks setup for some stadium seating.  Perhaps to watch game/match film?
  • an odd circular room in the basement, possibly a great trophy room?
Before I sound any more like an episode of House Hunters, let me just throw up some more photos from my phone.


  1. Painter spending that raise on a new pad?

  2. I'll be checking the place out again this weekend, so hopefully another update soon!