Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cool Off The Press

I got an email from the John Purdue Club at 9:09 am today saying that I was "the first to know" about an announcement regarding the upcoming Alumni basketball game and Intrasquad scrimmage at Mackey Arena on August 4th.  Obviously, that made me feel very special and excited that I alone knew about this awesome game.  Would the official announcement come out in a week?  Could I utilize this to turn into and post sensitive Purdue sports secrets under a shroud of secrecy?  This was our big chance to become something other than just the "Where Are They Now" site with a crappy name!

And then I saw this and this and this.  Liars!  One day, we'll be the first to post on some breaking Purdue news.  This is not that day.  Until then, we'll stick to analyzing things you've already seen and telling you about people you've all forgotten about.  It's easier that way.

Feel free to go to those links above for all the information about the Alumni game and if you're in the area, make sure to check it out as at least 3 current or future Where Are They Now feature athletes will be playing.  That's right, you'll have the opportunity to tell Matt Kiefer, Marcus Green, and David Teague a stalkerish amount of information about where they are now, and if you don't immediately get strapped with a restraining order, make sure to ask them what they thought of their features on!  Yes, I'm sure the guys read these things.  If you were that famous, wouldn't you google yourself daily to find out what's being written about you?  I would.

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  1. Hey, I'll be there to watch! Can't wait to see these guys and get more info for the series while watching the new team scrimmage. Press access for!?!