Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where's The Love?

Our first several posts have mainly focused on Purdue basketball and we've even touched a bit on Purdue baseball, but where's the love for the football team? 

Part of the reason there's not a lot of football news here is that Coach Hope has closed off spring workouts to outside reporters while the Boilers install a new defense.  This almost got me in trouble with my boss as I had originally faked tennis elbow surgery for the first weekend of March Madness and was expecting to do live coverage from the football practices during my "recovery".  When I returned to work 3 weeks early, I had to explain how they had quoted me the "old" tennis elbow surgery recovery time and that this "new" surgery restored full range of motion within a few days.  Where I WILL get in trouble is when I actually need tennis elbow surgery and have to come up with a reason why the recovery time isn't a matter of days after all.  Hopefully that will be in March.

Anyway, since we can't provide first-hand coverage, make sure to check out today's excellent ESPN.com post regarding the football team's chances next year - it's guaranteed to get you pumped up for the upcoming Spring Game this Saturday!

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