Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on Purdue's new logo

The Purdue community is all astir regarding the new Nike-designed logo.  Here at GoBoilers, we like to think ourselves a bit more laid back and open to change.  Sure, we may be fanatics who have a heart attack during a football game, scream at the refs on our TV during a basketball game, or fly off the handle when someone puts our alma mater down, but we also are calm enough to recognize the business of sports and that things change.  Change is hard, especially if it involves something you're passionate about or you feel isn't up to snuff.  Recent examples include the defunct Purdue Pete revamp (which we, along with most, hated) and the Makers All campaign (which I also wasn't a fan of at first, although it grew on me a bit).

Back to the new logo.  Sure, it's about Nike being able to make Purdue apparel more easily, consistent, and cost effective, but that's the norm in the business of college athletics.  Do we think it's an improvement?  Certainly not, but is it a travesty that made our eyes bleed?  Nah.

While the new logo lacks some punch and color of the old logo, there are actually some things we like:

  • Even though the gold color is a different hue, the consistency of "Purdue" in one color is easier on the eye and still packs a punch
  • I'm a fan of symmetry and in no way think the smoke looks like this guy
  • To me, the train doesn't look stationary any more than the old logo, and to the onlooker, it looks like we're ready to run you over, instead of run right by you.  Maybe this will strike fear into our opponents? (read with heavy sarcasm)
I will miss the "P" that sat so perfectly in the center of the engine, but that's my only real dislike of the logo.  Give it time, and you won't mind seeing it on your apparel (and apparently they'll still make some stuff with the older logo for those of you who need to cling to it).

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  1. I guess with Lewis Jackson leaving, Nike felt the "running right by you" logo was no longer relevant.