Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Football Recap: Nebraska 44 - Purdue 7 - The fifth 25+ point home loss in the last 375 days

Another home game.  Another blow out.  I mentioned in the preview that Nebraska was 83 points better than Purdue, but I failed to take into account any home/road bias.  If these two teams would have played in Lincoln, 83 points might not have been far off. 

This picture pretty much sums up the season so far

Not much to like in this one.  Here's what I didn't like:
  • The Boilers got blown out even though Nebraska lost two of their best players for most of the game.  Spencer Long, one of the best offensive linemen in the nation, got hurt on the Huskers' first drive and Nebraska's top player in the secondary, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, got kicked out of the game for a questionable targeting (technically it was targeting, but if it happened to a Purdue player, I'd be furious) in the 2nd quarter.  Nebraska actually scored a touchdown two plays after Jean-Baptiste was thrown out.  Fumble, long TD run, game over.
  • Excessive BTN camera zoom.  Do we have to zoom in 80x on the ball while it's in the air?  Why can't I see who the quarterback is throwing to until it actually gets to the receiver?  There's no excuse.  Zoom should not be touched until the ball is in someone's hands other than the quarterback's.  I suppose we should get used to it - we've been spoiled by 3 straight national tv games...I highly doubt anyone's clamoring to have us on national tv again.
  • Cody Webster's Ray Guy Award hopes took a HUGE hit as he averaged 38 yards and only put one punt inside the 20.  While watching the game, I jotted down that I needed to mention how horrible his punts were in the 1st quarter.  By the time the 3rd quarter was over, I crossed out "1st quarter" and just put "game".  Imagine what his average would have been if he didn't kick a meaningless 58-yarder in the 4th quarter?
  • Rob Henry's miserable fake-punt pass.  While he WAS getting pressured, the guy was wide open.  I mean, he could have thrown a Brandon Weeden signature pass and still would have completed it.  It was really tough to critique Etling after seeing that one.
  • The Boilers just gave up a touchdown to go down 28-0 .  The kickoff goes through the endzone.  The next play?  Delay of game.  ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE.  How is the play not already called before the offense even gets onto the field?  That makes me think it was Etling's fault.  Regardless, I'm tired of this team doing really stupid things. 
  • The 17-yard sack for a safety.  While the refs blew this one since Etling's forward progress was stopped at the 3 even before the knee went down, I'm pretty sure they decided to teach young Danny a lesson by calling it a safety.  Did anyone else have the complacent feeling of "Well, that shouldn't have been a safety, but they sure deserved it?"  I did.
  • The next drive ended up at 4th and 31.  Cody Webster's 33-yard punt reached the first down by 2 yards.  It was at this point the fast-forward button became my best friend.
  • While fast-forwarding, I saw Danny Etling complete 1 of 12 passes prior to his touchdown pass.  Then I remembered that this is the 4th quarter in a blowout.  This had to be against second-teamers.  It's going to be a LONG last 6 weeks.
  • Speaking of BTN, they went to commercial after Nebraska's last touchdown.  There were 50 seconds left in the game and the score was 44-0.  It was already 3:20, so surely all their required commercials had been shown.  I sure hope they got paid about $2 for those ads, because there couldn't have been more than 100 people watching at that point.
None of the above items even came close to individually causing the blowout, but they sure added up to a miserable viewing experience.   Is it basketball season yet?

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