Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're Back!

Hey everyone - we're back!  

Kirk and I took a much needed summer break (like N'Sync, we took extended breaks and we're each about 30 pounds heavier, but we still sound the same) and now your favorite bloggers are back to try and figure out what we missed.  We have plenty of time to get back in the groove as football season doesn't start for...6 days?????  Crap.  We probably spent a couple days too long on our 5-month around-the-world vacation funded with all the money we made from those awesome google ads on the site.  Oh wait, that was a dream.  The money IS enough to pay for half of a beer at the US Open this week, so we'd like to thank the 5 people who clicked on the 30-day Viagra free trial ads.  Hope you're enjoying your highly improved sex life.

A lot has changed in the Purdue landscape since the Boilers bowed out of the CBI.  Here is the real short version of things for anyone else who's been distracted by Nick Swisher all summer. For anything else that happened this sumer, check out the guys' takes at Boiled Sports.  Yeah, I know that's lazy.

1) The basketball team lost 3 players to transfer (Marcius, Lawson, A. Johnson) and assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry.

2) They did come back and add 2 players (Errick Peck and Sterling Carter) and new assistant coach Brandon Brantley.

3) Rob Henry has been named starting quarterback - will Hazell stick with him?

Even more importantly, here's what's changed with our site:

1) With this post, our site has become one of the only active unaffiliated Purdue blogs in the entire universe! Boiled Sports is now part of a nationwide blog network, joining Hammer and Rails in the "I'm not sure what this means but I hope their getting paid handsomely for it" group.  Meanwhile, Hank has left underrated "The Railroad Tie" for a writing gig, which leaves us and Jumbo Heroes (who took their own extended break) to be your independent voices.  I spent a good 10 minutes and could not find a single other active Purdue blog that wasn't sponsored by someone.  What does this mean?  2 things:
  1. You can now call yourself an official PBH (Purdue Blog Hipster) for sticking it to the man and realizing how cool it is to read independently of big ugly corporate goons trying to take over the innocent blogs (we just want to write, man!).
  2. We'll sell this blog out in a heartbeat if we get the chance.
2) Google Reader is no more, meaning that sadly, even less people are reading  If this is you, make sure to check out can set it up to be very similar to Google Reader because we know you can't afford to miss a single word we say.

3) We didn't post anything this summer, yet we're still averaging a bunch of visits per day.  We're amazed and excited people are still finding our site, and if you're one of those people, stick around!  For those who like to reminisce, our two most popular posts are the "Nate Minnoy - Where Are They Now?" feature and Kirk's fantastic court-side reporting in his "Team Scrimmage Recap".  Amazingly, we are now the #1 site on google when you search Nate Minnoy and was even linked by some rapper with 20,000 followers on Twitter that went to school with Nate (sorry for no link - the tweet is apparently too old to find now)!  It's an exciting time to be a part of and we thank all our loyal readers for sticking with us.  To reward you, you can now "retweet" and "like" our posts below each entry.  You don't have to thank us...we know it's the best gift anyone has ever given to you.

We've only been at this for a year and it's already been a crazy ride.  We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Boiler Up!

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  1. So you can share on twitter, but do you actually have a twitter? Get one. It's a great way to get the word out on articles!