Sunday, December 23, 2012

Basketball Recap: Purdue 66 - Ball State 56

8,008 people were there to watch Purdue knock off the Cardinals and about 10 others watched it online.  ESPN was so excited by this game that they didn't sell a single commercial.  While it made the game more bearable to watch (I've still got the Chase Ink Bold commercial stuck in my head from the Eastern Michigan game), this still wasn't a particularly interesting game.  In fact, the only emotion I felt all game was dread when Jesse Berry hit the three pointer to take the lead with 9 1/2 minutes to go - and it felt like those present felt the same way.  Luckily the Boilers finished strong and pulled out the win against a team that lost to Indiana 101-53 earlier this season.

Kirk's preview called it - Berry takes a lot of shots!
While Berry led Ball State with 22 points, the key to the win was holding our favorite Cardinal, Majok Majok, to 6 points and only one field goal.  AJ Hammons led the Boilers with a quiet 15 points, but his biggest contribution was his defense on Majok.  Ball State's inability to feed the ball inside forced Berry to take 20 shots and ultimately cost the Cardinals a chance at the upset.

Despite the close score, it was a pretty boring game.  The only other thing really worth mentioning was the unique double foul on Jacob Lawson and Marcus Posley with 12 minutes left in the second half.  On the play, Lawson was called for the block AND Posley was called for the charge.  There's absolutely no way this is possible, but Ted Valentine stubbornly refused to change his mind and 5 minutes later (due to a tv timeout), the strange call was made.  While I agree it was a close call, this was classic Teddy.

The only other interesting thing was my nearly perfect prediction of Purdue 65-Ball State 55.  I know you all were keeping a close eye on that score!  I think we should come up with something embarrassing the other person has to do if they pick a "perfect game"...leave your ideas in the comments section!  Kirk inches closer to even, but still has a lot of catching up to do...

Updated Standings:
Erik +219 (11-2 Against The Spread)
Kirk -68 (6-7 Against The Spread)

Boiler Up!

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